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This is the blog of Jon Snow, the traveling vinyl figure.
Follow Erin & Ned Stark's bastard as they travel from fun locales or more far off places...
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  • This trip ended up having a lot of food pictures instead of what I originally intended, but I didn’t realize we wouldn’t be around long enough to do more than a quick shopping trip into downtown Evanston. Oh well! Enjoy some snaps of Jon as he settles in for breakfast at Country Pride truck stop—Erin ordered the Shredded Corn Beef with Eggs and she thought it was fantastic—and waves good-bye to Michigan while saying hello to Indiana.

    Before long, Jon and Erin arrive to their destination and kick back, relax, and watch the Green Bay Packers totally kick the Bears’ butts. No one in the Chicago household was very pleased by that. Not even Jon Snow and he doesn’t know anything! ;)

    Sadly, the next night was spent partying—Jon did not get invited. :( Or, to be fair, Erin didn’t think her aunt would think taking pictures of Jon at the party would be a good idea. XD Jon never seems to get invited to the fun parties.

    New Years Eve is spent on the road again because as Jon would put it, Winter is Coming (technically it was already here, but… :P). But, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy a few of the sights or stop for a bite to eat. We arrived back home just in the nick of time—Jon and I feel your pain Chicago! All that snow can’t be fun. :(